The Sawmill "Kolbon" is situated in Nawojowa, a city in southern Poland.
It was built before Second World War and belonged to The Earl Adam Stadnicki. The sawmill has been presented on the market under the name of Kolbon since the beginning of the 1990s.
We are in a position to fulfill all customers requirements regarding wood products. We produce for construction branch, joinery, furniture industry for Polish and foreign market. We manufacture construction timber, sawn timber.

We also manufacture log houses. Our company manufactures houses from KD solid planed logs (from 45 to 120 mm). Each log house is constructed according to individual designs, taking into consideration the customer's needs as regards the building's size,
functions and architecture as well as the materials and thickness of logs. From classic to contemporary and from rustic to regal, at the Kolbon, we're ready to help you build the home that reflects your personal style and vision. We work with every customer to create a unique living environment precisely tailored to that individual's wants and needs. Our homes provide a perfect blend of wood's natural properties and today's most modern technologies. Wood is stronger than steel, and with proper care wooden structures will last for centuries. What's more, thanks to the millions of tiny air pockets that permeate its fibrous structure, wood is one of nature's most effective insulators. We use Polish Spruce (whitewood), because it is fine-grained, has tight, healthy and tiny knots, is light in color, grows with minimal taper. Our fabricated logs are carefully selected to meet highest requirements. All the logs lock together, using a precise double tongue and groove system augmented by advanced insulation and sealant components. This creates one of the most energy efficient structures you can build. Wood actually insulates six times better than brick, offering an average energy savings of 20% to 30% over other construction methods.We bring the same attention to detail and quality to our joinery as we do to all of our manufacturing processes.
Our offer includes:

- design preparation and detailed technical drawings
- manufacturing
- delivery
- assembling

Annually, we process about 15,000 m3 of round timber. We have the FSC certificate of product origin. It proves that our raw material comes from forests with excellent management. Thanks to that, our products meet the requirements of foreign and domestic clients.

Our production lines are adapted to manufacturing the range of construction sawn timber including rafter framing among others. In addition, we possess computerised drying chambers that can treat 350 m3 per charge. We also have our own joinery of 1500 m2. It offers various production possibilities for the manufacture of the high quality products.

A very important factor for us is to focus on continual modernisation of the company's equipment. Customer orders are executed in compliance with specified quality requirements. We rely on our own sources of raw material used in the production so we are able to guarantee short time limits for execution of orders placed with our company.

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